The Benefits of Practicing Yoga for Your Mental Health

There is a growing body of research that highlights the benefits of yoga for mental health. Yoga has been found to increase body awareness, relieves stress, reduces muscle tension, strain, and inflammation, sharpen attention and concentration, and calm and center the nervous system. It has been shown to enhance social well-being through a sense of belonging to others,
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Precautionary Measures to Follow This Eid to Prevent the Spread of COVID-19

Considering the spike in COVID-19 cases following last Eid, there is a very real risk of a spike in coronavirus cases following the upcoming Eid Al Adha holidays, if proper SOPs are not followed. Doctors and government officials are repeatedly warning the public that although the curve seems to be flattening, what will truly determine
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Common COVID-19 Myths Debunked

There is a lot of information circulating about the COVID-19 pandemic, so it is extremely important to know what is true and what is not. Some of the most important steps to stop the spread of the coronavirus is to regularly wash your hands and observe social distancing. In this article, we will address some
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Why Shifaam’s Health App Has Become A Necessity During The COVID-19 Pandemic

Our main objective here at Shifaam is to make healthcare facilities accessible for everyone by providing remote access to doctors and patients throughout Pakistan. Virtual clinics allow patients to continue getting their routine medical checkups and other healthcare related matters taken care of by licensed healthcare specialists via video call to help stop the spread
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The Importance of Online Doctors’ Consultations Amidst COVID-19

While our healthcare system struggles to adapt to the ongoing pandemic, it is becoming increasingly difficult for patients to get appointments with doctors or specialists. Aside from that, the risk of contracting more dangerous strains of the virus is higher at hospitals and clinics. However, healthcare needs cannot be overlooked and this issue requires an
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Coping with COVID-19: How Anxiety & Stress Affect the Body

What is Stress? Stress is described as the degree to which a person feels overwhelmed or unable to cope due to pressures that are unmanageable. In simpler terms, stress is the body’s reaction to pressures from a situation or life event. The main contributors that cause stress vary from person to person. Some common characteristics
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5 Quick Ways to Access Healthcare Assistance & Facilities From Home

With the COVID-19 pandemic showing little or no signs of slowing down, hospitals have turned into one of the riskiest places to contract the virus. As the outbreak overwhelms the few healthcare facilities available to us in Pakistan, people must look towards alternative means to solve their everyday health-related problems. Considering this, Shifaam aims to
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COVID-19 Antibodies: Understanding Antibody Types and Antibody Testing

What Is An AntibodyTest? An antibody test is a screening procedure for something called antibodies in our blood. Our body makes these while fighting an infection, such as COVID-19. Antibodies are how you build immunity towards a virus. You may have also heard it being referred to as a serology test. The antibody test does
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World Multiple Sclerosis Day: Early Warning Signs of Multiple Sclerosis

World MS Day, which falls on the 30th of May each year, aims to help raise awareness about multiple sclerosis and those living with the disease to improve public understanding and support that will move the world closer to being free of MS. Multiple sclerosis or MS is the most common inflammatory neurological disease in
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Mental Health Awareness Month: Let’s Break the Stigma

May is Mental Health Awareness Month. With the current global pandemic causing stress and uncertainty, we should talk openly about taking care of our mental health and seeking help if needed during this crisis. It’s important to remember that while only a certain percentage of us will catch the virus, each and every one of
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