How to Consult a Doctor Online?
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Remember to Follow these Simple Steps


The thought of consulting a doctor can sometimes be stressful. This is due to long queues and uncertain waiting times, especially if the health problem is small. In that case, is advisable to consult a doctor virtually or online from a digital healthcare website or a healthcare app, whatever is easier and most convenient. The recent coronavirus pandemic has made people afraid of visiting hospitals and clinics for addressing their healthcare needs. Instead, online doctor consultations have proven to be safe and speedy. In addition, it is easy to find doctors online on digital healthcare platforms via mobile web, Android and iOS apps.

Shifaam Health TechPvt Ltd is a digital healthcare platform that empowers patients to book online and physical appointments with doctors, specialists and mental health practitioners anytime anywhere. The online doctor consultation can help you get treated for basic, everyday health problems virtually without having to leave your home or your comfort zone. From influenza, stomachache, diarrhea, allergies, migraine, sinusitis, and skin conditions to UTIs and other chronic conditions like high blood pressure and diabetes can all be managed through online appointments. Consulting a doctor online is a cost-effective way to schedule follow-ups and health screenings at your convenience with zero wait time. Following these simple steps will help you to make online doctor consultations efficiently and effectively.

1. Schedule an online appointment

Firstly, you will need a smartphone with a good internet connection to be able to consult a doctor online. Next, you need to download the Shifaam healthcare app from GooglePlay ( or the iOS App Store ( Once the app is downloaded, create your profile using personal information such as name, phone number, date of birth, e-mail address, preexisting health conditions etc. The most convenient thing about the Shifaam Health App is that you can add as many dependents/family members to your profile as possible. They will all be connected through one master ID and profile. Now, select a GP – General Physician if you need to get a diagnosis or choose a specialist from the list of specialties if you have a diagnosis and book a time slot that best suits your availability. You can then follow the checkout steps. Have your debit/credit card ready for making an online payment. You can choose from multiple payment options such as Jazz Cash, Union Pay or IBFT – Inter Bank Fund Transfer.

2. Find a noiseless room

Find a quiet and noiseless room where you will not be disturbed. It is recommended to wear headphones for better hearing and to protect your privacy. Have a pen and paper ready to write down any important information your doctor may give you. Next, sign in to your profile 5minutes prior to the appointment. Click on appointments. A screen with a camera will pop up. Make sure the mic is unmuted and the camera is turned on. As soon as it is time for your appointment, click on the connect now button and you will hear the ringer ringing. If you experience any connectivity issues, turn your camera off and try to go to a spot with full connectivity. Once connected ringer will stop and the doctor will appear on the little screen. You may introduce yourself and start talking. The appointment may take anywhere between10 to 20 minutes. The screen will shut down once the appointment is over. Following this, the doctor may recommend lab tests and will upload your prescription on your profile, under prescriptions.

3. Jot down a list of symptoms with a timeline

It is advised to make note of all the signs and symptoms of the problem along with a timeline a head of time so that you don’t forget any important details during the virtual appointment. This will also help the doctor make an accurate assessment of the patient’s medical condition and establish an informed diagnosis and treatment approach.

4. Keep necessary prescriptions and test reports handy

Remember to keep all your documents, prescriptions, old medical history, surgeries and test reports handy. Respect the doctor’s time and make use of the appointment. Knowing about any chronic issues or prior health problems will help the doctor prescribe an effective treatment plan. Treat your virtual/online appointment as a regular visit and clarify all your doubts regarding the symptoms, condition, treatment, medication dosage and everything you need to know.

5. Inform about allergies

The online doctor will need information about what medications trigger allergic reactions in the patient and the nature of such reactions. The doctor should be aware of any allergies that the patient may have, especially in case of allergies to specific medicines or their components.

6. Check basic vitals before or during a virtual/online appointment

It is advisable to take general vitals such as weight, temperature, blood pressure and heart rate if possible, prior to the appointment. This will save time. If not, the online doctor may help you through ways of checking your vitals properly at home. For that, you need to follow proper instructions and do as the doctor says. Make sure you tell the doctor about how the problem or pain started and the intensity for better assessment.

7. Get your prescription

Virtual/Online doctor scan treat and prescribe medicines for a wide range of conditions during an online appointment. It is important to take the prescribed medicines as per the consultant’s instructions. This may help immensely with the treatment and will make the appointment worth the while. Do not self-prescribe and if a doctor orders you to undergo testing and screening, abide by it for a proper diagnosis.

8. Ask questions

It is best to keep your questions direct and stay on topic with your concerns. There should be no room for confusion or incomplete information between you and the doctor. Be as honest with the doctor as possible and ask as many questions as it takes to completely understand the medical issue at hand so you and the doctor both can treat the disease effectively.


Online doctor consultations are always an option you can turn to for stress-free and convenient medical advice. Consulting a doctor online serves as the most ideal approach to getting instant medical care without waiting for days, weeks or months. With online medical consultation, you can connect to a doctor, specialist or mental health practitioner from the safety and comfort of your home without exposing yourself to any virus. Not only this, online appointments make healthcare accessible by bridging the gap and letting you connect to doctors and specialists not available in your city. Also, telemedicine or online consultation is affordable for patients who require regular follow-ups and saves a lot of time and money.

While virtual/online consultations can help most of the time, it is recommended to reach out to the hospital Emergency for any urgent treatment. Make sure to call your doctor before rushing to emergency care. To consult a doctor online, click on or download the Shifaam Health App from Google Play Store ( or the iOS App Store( We are just a call 021-37132273 or WhatsApp 03477222273 away.


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