Shifaam’s Childhood Epilepsy Clinic

After introducing its first Childhood Epilepsy Helpline roughly a year ago in Pakistan, Shifaam Healthtech Pvt Ltd is now pleased to announce its first Childhood Epilepsy Physical Clinic in collaboration with Hashmanis Group of Hospitals located on Main Shaheed-e-Millat Road, in Karachi.

The centralized, one-stop healthcare solution provides all the facilities related to Childhood epilepsy and other developmental delays in children under one roof. The clinic not only offers a team of experts and best practitioners in their respective fields but provides on-site EEG and laboratory tests.

1.     What is Epilepsy?

It is a neurological disorder that causes recurring and unprovoked seizures or periods of unusual behavior, sensations and sometimes loss of awareness.

According to Dr. Raman, “Epilepsy is an invisible or hidden disability unlike, physical and intellectual disability which are apparent to others”.

 2.     Which doctors and consultants will be available in the clinic?

  • Dr. Raman Kumar – Consultant Pediatrics Neurologist with immense experience in providing expert care for infants and children with all types of Neurological and developmental disorders.
  • Dr. Sanam Bano Rajper – Pediatric Neurologist with FCPS - Pediatric medicine and FCPS – Pediatric Neurology with 13 years of extensive experience in caring for children with Neurological and developmental disorders.
  • Mozamila Mughal – Consultant Nutritionist, MSc RD, Trained in Refractory Seizure Dietary Management, AKUH and Inherited Metabolic Disorders, Emory USA
  • Asma Ahmed - Consultant Clinical Psychologist and DIR practitioner with specialization in Neurodevelopmental disorders. International certification in Speech, Language and Sensory Integration Therapy.
  • Naseema Baig – EEG (Electroencephalogram) technician

 3.     What triggers an epileptic seizure in children?

  • Increased screen hour
  • Disturbed or less sleep
  • Cold or flu
  • Fever

Dr. Raman says these are the common seizure triggers for epilepsy:

 4.     What counseling do the parents need for epileptic children?

As per Dr. Sanam, parents need counseling on medication as they change or abort drug treatment after some time. The reason being, parents become scared due to some side-effects caused by antiepileptic drugs such as sedation, feeling tired, diarrhea or discomfort, dizziness or blurred vision. 

5.     What diet do epileptic children take?

Mozamilla’s mode of treatment to control epilepsy seizures is through a ketogenic diet. This is a high-fat, low-carbohydrate diet that helps to control seizures in people with epilepsy.

 6.     What is the treatment for epilepsy?

The treatment for epilepsy is usually medication or anti-epileptic drugs in initial cases which helps to have fewer seizures, or stop seizures completely. Dr. Shazia explains every childhood epilepsy is different but usually needs long term treatment and management plan of minimum 2 years.

 7.     What is the difference between an epileptic seizure and a seizure?

Epileptic seizures are chronic and characterized by multiple, unpredictable seizures. The brains cells called neurons which generate electrical current sometimes signal abnormally. In epileptic seizures, the same pattern and behavior of seizure is repeated. Dr. Shazia further explains, “Epileptic seizures are treatable and manageable in 60-70% of children.” However, a seizure is a single occurrence of abnormal electrical activity in the brain. There might be many causes of a seizure such as reaction to a certain medication.  A single seizure doesn't mean the child has epilepsy.

If diagnosed earlier through an EEG (Electroencephalogram) test, the symptoms of epilepsy or other developmental delays in children can be managed with medication, therapy, ketogenic and other diet plans. So, book your appointment at our Childhood Epilepsy Clinic in Karachi with certified and experienced Child Neurologists, Dietician for Ketogenic and Childhood Epilepsy Counsellor.

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