Dr. Essa Lab

Maxillary Bone AP/LAT

All Tests
Test Detail Price
AKU - Biopsy : Small Specimen Rs.4190
Alveogel Dressing (Dry Socket) Rs.580
Anti Mullerian Hormone Test (AMH) - (Serum) Rs.4280
CD4/CD8 Count in HIV Pati Rs.22230
Dengue Profile Tests Rs.3300
Doppler Renal (Kidneys) (DC) Rs.4000
HBc Ab IgG Rs.2480
Opiates / Heroin / Morphine Rs.1270
P.U.O Fever Package Rs.4590
Physiotherapy 15 Visits Rs.5400
U/S FWB (DC) Rs.1500
12 Lead Rest Electric Rs.490
17 Ketosteroids (AKU) Rs.2930
17 OH Progesterone (AKU) Rs.4630
17-OH Progesterone Rs.4630
1P/19Q DEL Oligodendroglioma by fish (AKU) Rs.21980
22Q12 Rearrangemen in Ewing sarcoma by fish (AKU) Rs.21030
24 Hrs Creatinine Clearance Rs.930
24 Hrs for Urine Cortisol Rs.2180
24 Hrs Urinary Amylase Rs.850
24 hrs urinary calcium Rs.650
24 Hrs Urinary Copper Rs.2380
24 Hrs Urinary Creatinine Rs.590
24 hrs Urinary Micro Albumin Rs.900
24 Hrs Urinary Protein Rs.720
24 hrs Urinary Urea Rs.650
24 Hrs Urine for micro albumin urea Rs.2020
24 hrs Urine Micro Albumin Rs.650
25 OH Vitamin D Total Rs.3090
Abdomen (KUB) Rs.1150
Abdomen (KUB) Rs.1150
Abdomen (KUB) (DC) Rs.1650
Abdomen Erect Position Rs.1150
Abdomen Erect Position (DC) Rs.1650
ACE Level - (Angiotensin-Converting Enzyme ) Rs.4530
Acetylcholine Receptor Abs. Rs.10830
Acid Phosphate (Total) Rs.2000
Acoustic Reflexes Rs.1170
ACTH Level Rs.5980
Activated Partial Thromboplastin Time (APTT) Rs.700
Activated Protein C Resistan Rs.5200
Adenoids Rs.1050
Adenoids (DC) Rs.1500
Advance physiotherapy Rs.700
AFB C/S Rs.5500
AFB Smear Rs.450
Airline: Covid Nucleic Acid Test+Certificate+Consent Form+Portal Rs.4500
AKU - Biopsy : Large Specimen Rs.7280
AKU - Biopsy : Medium Specimen Rs.5180
Albumin Rs.340
Alcohol Level Rs.3430
Aldolase Rs.2080
Aldosterone Rs.4340
Alkaline Phosphatase Rs.360
Alpha 1 Antitrypsin AAT Rs.2230
Alpha Fetoprotein (AFP) Rs.2400
AMA Rs.680
Ambulatory BP Monitoring - 24 Hours Rs.4700
Ambulatory 24 Hours ECG (Holter) Monitoring Report Rs.4500
Amino Acid Level Rs.7680
Ammonia Rs.2280
Amphetamine (Urine) Rs.2430
Amylase Rs.930
ANA / ENA Profile Rs.4000
ANA Group Test Rs.2930
Androstenedione Rs.4980
Ankle joint AP & LAT (LT) Rs.1200
Ankle joint AP & LAT (RT) Rs.1200
Ankle joint AP & LAT (RT) (DC) Rs.2200
Ankle Joint AP / Lat (LT) Rs.1130
Antenatal Package Rs.5870
Antenatal Red Cell Screening Rs.6830
Antenatal Screening Rs.1740
Anti Cardiolipin - IgG Rs.4880
Anti Cardiolipin - IgM Rs.4880
Anti CCP Rs.3200
Anti DELTA (HDV Ab) Rs.2200
Anti ds DNA Rs.3190
Anti HCV Rs.2250
Anti LKM Rs.2440
Anti Thrombin III Rs.6830
Anti Thyroglobulin Ab Rs.1180
Anti Thyroid Peroxidase Ab Rs.1180
Anti TPO (Thyroid peroxidase) Rs.1180
Anti TPO (Thyroid peroxidase) Rs.1180
Anti-Gliadin IgA Rs.3480
Anti-Gliadin IgA1 Rs.3480
Anti-Gliadin IgG Rs.2680
Anti-HBe Rs.2880
Anti-HBs Rs.2030
Antibody Screening Rs.1000
Antiphospholipid Antibody Syndrome (APLA) - IgG Rs.4880
Antiphospholipid Antibody Syndrome (APLA) - IgM Rs.4880
Arm AP/LAT Rs.1210
Arm AP/LAT (DC) Rs.1150
Ascitic Fluid D/R Rs.1700
Ascitic Fluid SSAG [Serum Ascitic Albumin Gradient], (Serum Albumin-Ascitic Albumin) Rs.1700
ASOT Rs.950
ASSR (Auditory Steady State Response) Rs.10540
B-12 (Serum) Rs.1800
B-12 Serum Rs.1990
Bacteriological Analysis (Swimming Pool) Rs.1800
Bacteriological Analysis of Disinfectant Rs.4000
Barbiturates Rs.1480
Barium Enema Medicine (DC Rs.3500
Barium meal (DC) Rs.3500
Barium Meal (Stomach & Duodenum) with Medicine Rs.3500
Barium meal followthrough medicine Rs.5500
Barium Swallow & Meal Medicine (DC) Rs.4500
Barium Swallow & Meal with Medicine Rs.5000
Barium swallow (DC Rs.3500
Barium Swallow with Medicine Rs.3200
BCG - (200) Rs.200
Bence Jones Protein (Urine) Rs.730
Benzodiazepines Rs.2180
BERA (Brain Evoked Response) Rs.6260
Beta D glucan, Galactomannan Rs.5880
Beta hCG Rs.1592
Bicarbonate Rs.370
BILIRUBIN - (Serum) Rs.510
Biopsy : Large Specimen Rs.3800
Biopsy : Small Specimen Rs.3500
Bleeding Time - BT Rs.400
Blood Culture Rs.1800
Blood Group Rs.690
Blood Lead Levels Rs.5880
Blood Pressure Rs.50
Blood Xmcan Rs.3980
BMI Rs.550
Bone Marrow Rs.9500
Bone Mineral Density (BMD) Rs.3000
Both Ankle joint AP & LAT Rs.1900
Both Elbow AP / Lat Rs.1700
Both Foot AP/LAT Rs.1700
Both Foot with Both Ankle Joint AP/LAT View Rs.1700
Both Hand AP/LAT Rs.1700
Both Knee AP/LAT Rs.1950
Both Knee AP/LAT Standing Rs.1950
Both Shoulder joint AP/LAT Rs.1950
Both wrist AP/LAT Rs.1950
Both Wrist joint AP/LAT Rs.1950
Brain Natriuretic Peptide (BNP) Rs.3380
Brucella Antibody Rs.1430
BUN (Urea Nitrogen) Rs.430
C 3 Rs.1930
C 4 Rs.1930
C-Peptide Rs.4780
C-Reactive Protein - (CRP) Rs.1352
CA 15-3 Rs.2980
CA-125 Rs.3600
CA19-9 (Serum) Rs.5680
Calcanium AP View (DC) Rs.1150
Calcanium AP/LAT View Rs.1950
Calcanium AP/LAT View (DC) Rs.1650
Calcanium Both AP/LAT Rs.1950
Calcanium Both AP/LAT (DC) Rs.2200
Calcanium LAT View Rs.1000
Calcanium LAT View (DC) Rs.1150
Calcium Rs.650
Cannabinoids Rs.1600
Carba mazpine Rs.2130
Cardiac Enzymes Rs.1500
Cardiac Risk Package Rs.3630
Cardiologist Report Rs.200
CBC (Horse) Rs.650
CBC ESR Profile Rs.712
CBC Profile Rs.690
CBC with Clozaril Rs.650
CD Charge Rs.690
CEA (Carcino Embryonic Antigen) Rs.4930
Cephalomatery Rs.1200
Ceruloplasmin (Serum) Rs.2480
Cervical Spine AP LAT View (Comp) Rs.1950
Cervical Spine AP LAT View (Comp) (DC) Rs.1150
Cervical spine AP/LAT Rs.1950
Cervical spine AP/LAT/Oblique Rs.2200
Cervical spine AP/LAT/Oblique (DC) Rs.1650
Chest Rs.2500
Chest (DC) Rs.3000
Chest AP Rs.900
Chest AP (DC) Rs.1150
Chest LAT view Rs.1250
Chest LAT view (DC) Rs.1150
Chest Oblique Rs.1250
Chest Oblique (DC) Rs.1150
Chest PA Rs.950
Chest PA & LAT. Rs.1500
Chest PA & LAT. (DC) Rs.1150
Chest PA (DC) Rs.1150
Chest PA (Portable) Rs.8000
Chest PA view special Rs.460
Chest X-Ray Moble - For corporate rates Rs.1200
Chikugunya Fever IgG/IgM Rs.3500
Chikungunya Fever IgG Rs.2700
Chikungunya Fever IgM Rs.2700
Chinese Consulate: Covid Nucleic Acid Test+Certificate+Consent Form+Portal Rs.4500
Chinese Consulate: Covid Nucleic Acid Test+Certificate+Consent Form+Portal+IgG/IgM Rs.8000
Chinese Consulate: IgG/IgM Screening Test Rs.3500
Chloride Rs.350
Cholesterol Rs.590
CKMB Rs.1250
Clavicle AP view Rs.900
Clavicle AP view (DC) Rs.1150
Clotting Time - CT Rs.400
CMV (IgG) Rs.2230
CMV (IgM) Rs.2730
CMV Profile Rs.2730
Coagulation profile Rs.1700
Coagulum Rs.12030
Cocaine Rs.1500
Coccyx joint AP/LAT Rs.950
Coccyx joint AP/LAT Rs.950
Coccyx Joint LAT Rs.680
Collection & VTM charge Rs.1500
Colour Doppler Carotid Rs.4200
Colour Doppler Carotid (DC) Rs.4000
Complete Hepatitis Profile Rs.27930
Comprehensive Metabolic Panel (CMP) - Fasting Rs.6500
Comprehensive Metabolic Panel (CMP) - Random Rs.6500
Coombs Test (Direct) Rs.1000
Coombs Test (Indirect) Rs.1000
Copper (Serum) Rs.1930
CoronaVirus Health Screening Questionnaire Rs.500
Cortisol (Evening) Rs.1400
Cortisol (Morning) Rs.1400
Covid 19 PCR Air Line (GOLD STANDARD) Rs.4500
Covid 19 Rapid Antigen Rs.1200
Covid Screening Package Rs.12530
Covid-19 Antibodies Rs.3000
COVID-19 Antigen test Rs.1200
CPK Rs.750
Creatinine Rs.650
Cross Linked NTX Rs.8080
Cryptococcal Antigen Rs.4580
CSF D/R Rs.1700
CSF Glucose D/R Rs.300
CSF Protein D/R Rs.550
CT Scan Abdomen and Pelvis (contrast) Rs.12080
CT Scan Any Joint Plain + 3D- Plain Rs.8050
CT Scan Brain (Plain & Contrast) Rs.5750
CT Scan Brain (Plain) Rs.4600
CT Scan Brain Direct Contrast Rs.4600
CT Scan Brain with Pituitary / temporal bone Rs.6330
CT Scan Cervical Spine Rs.8050
CT Scan Chest (contrast) Rs.8050
CT Scan Chest (Plain) Rs.6900
CT Scan Dynamic Liver Contrast Rs.8050
CT Scan Face & Neck Plain Rs.6900
CT Scan Face & Neck/ Chest/ Abdomen Rs.28750
CT Scan Face and Neck (contrast) Rs.8050
CT scan Femar Rs.7000
CT Scan HRCT (Plain) Rs.6980
CT Scan Lumbar Spine Rs.8050
CT Scan Neck (contrast) Rs.8050
CT Scan of Cervical / Dorsal / Lumber Spine Rs.9200
CT Scan Orbit Plain Rs.5180
CT Scan Orbit Plain & Contrast (axial & coronal) Rs.7480
CT Scan Pelvimetry Rs.2880
CT Scan Pelvis (contrast) Rs.8050
CT Scan Pelvis Plain Rs.6900
CT Scan PNS Plain Rs.5900
CT Scan PNS Plain & Contrast (axial & coronal) Rs.7480
CT Scan PNS Plain LTD (coronal) Rs.4600
CT Scan Pyelogram Rs.6040
CT Scan Pyelogram with Contrast Rs.8050
CT Scan Report Reg CD & History Rs.700
CT Scan Temporal / IAM Rs.6330
CT Scan Upper Abdomen (contrast) Rs.8050
CT Scan Upper Abdomen Plain Rs.7480
CT Scan Whole Abdomen (contrast) Rs.12080
CT Scan Whole Abdomen - Plain Rs.9200
Culture & Sensitivity (Food) Rs.1800
Culture & Sensitivity (Fungal) Rs.1800
Culture & Sensitivity (Sputum) Rs.1800
Culture & Sensitivity (Urethral Swab) Rs.1800
Culture & Sensitivity - Rectal Swab Rs.1800
Culture & Sensivity Rs.1800
Culture & Sensivity (Ascitic Fluid) Rs.1800
Culture & Sensivity (Blood) Rs.1800
Culture & Sensivity (Blood) - Manual Rs.1170
Culture & Sensivity (CSF) Rs.1800
Culture & Sensivity (Cystic Fluid) Rs.1800
Culture & Sensivity (Fluid) Rs.1800
Culture & Sensivity (Foley's Tip) Rs.1800
Culture & Sensivity (HVS) Rs.1800
Culture & Sensivity (IUD) Rs.1800
Culture & Sensivity (Left Eye) Rs.1800
Culture & Sensivity (Liver Abscess) Rs.1800
Culture & Sensivity (Lt. Ear Swab) Rs.1800
Culture & Sensivity (Pericardial Fluid) Rs.1800
Culture & Sensivity (Pleural Fluid) Rs.1800
Culture & Sensivity (Prostatic Fluid) Rs.1800
Culture & Sensivity (Pus) Rs.1800
Culture & Sensivity (Right Eye) Rs.1800
Culture & Sensivity (Rt. Ear Swab) Rs.1800
Culture & Sensivity (Semen) Rs.1800
Culture & Sensivity (Stool) Rs.1800
Culture & Sensivity (Swab for KLB) Rs.1800
Culture & Sensivity (Synovial Fluid) Rs.1800
Culture & Sensivity (Throat Swab) Rs.1800
Culture & Sensivity (Tissue) Rs.1800
Culture & Sensivity (Tracheal aspirate) Rs.1800
Culture & Sensivity (Urine) Rs.1990
Culture & Sensivity (Wound Swab) Rs.1800
Culture & Sensivity - Bone Marrow Rs.1800
Culture & Sensivity - CVP Tip Rs.1800
Culture & Sensivity - Shunt Rs.1800
Culture & Sensivity - Vitreous tap Rs.1800
Cytology (Malignant Cells) Rs.1500
Cytomegalovirus IgG Rs.2730
Cytomegalovirus IgM Rs.2730
D-Dimer Rs.2200
Delta 508 mutation Rs.5380
DENGUE Antibody Rs.1500
Dengue IgG Antibody Rs.1500
Dengue NS1 Rs.2500
Dexa Scan Rs.3840
DHEA-SO4 Rs.3930
Diabetes & Cholesterol Rs.1090
Diabetes & LDL Cholesterol Rs.790
Diabetes Control & Cholesterol Rs.1920
Diabetic Package Rs.5420
Diagnostic Ascitic TAP Rs.1800
Diagnostic Pleural TAP Rs.1800
Digoxin Rs.2500
DLC Rs.450
Doppler A-V Fistula Rs.4200
Doppler A-V Fistula (DC) Rs.4000
Doppler Ankle - (DC) Rs.1500
Doppler Aorta / IVC Rs.4200
Doppler Aorta / IVC (DC) Rs.3850
Doppler Both legs (Arterial / Venus) Rs.7500
Doppler Both legs (Arterial) Rs.5000
Doppler Both legs (Venus) Rs.5000
Doppler both Limb Both Arterial & Venous Rs.7500
Doppler both Limb Both Arterial & Venous (DC) Rs.8000
Doppler both limbs arterial Rs.5000
Doppler both limbs arterial (DC) Rs.5000
Doppler both limbs venous Rs.5000
Doppler both limbs venous (DC) Rs.5000
Doppler Foot Rs.1500
Doppler Foot - (DC) Rs.1500
Doppler for Abdominal Viscra Rs.2500
Doppler for Abdominal Viscra (DC) Rs.2500
Doppler for obstetric Rs.2350
Doppler For Pelvis Rs.2000
Doppler For Pelvis - (DC) Rs.2500
Doppler for Testis (DC) Rs.2500
Doppler FWB Rs.2200
Doppler FWB (DC) Rs.2500
Doppler FWB Obstetric Rs.2000
Doppler Hand Rs.1500
Doppler Liver Rs.2290
Doppler Liver (DC) Rs.3500
Doppler of Submandibular Gland Rs.3000
Doppler of Submandibular Gland (DC) Rs.3500
Doppler of Superficial Mass Rs.2000
Doppler of Superficial Mass (DC) Rs.2500
Doppler Renal (Arterial) Rs.4200
Doppler Renal (Arterial) (DC) Rs.3800
Doppler Single leg (Arterial / Venus) Rs.4900
Doppler single leg (Arterial) Rs.5000
Doppler single leg (Venus) Rs.2900
Doppler Single Leg Arterial (DC) Rs.3000
Doppler Single Leg Venus (DC) Rs.3000
Doppler Single Limb (Arterial) Rs.2900
Doppler Single Limb (Arterial) (DC) Rs.3000
Doppler single Limb (Venous) (DC) Rs.3000
Doppler Single Limb (Venus) Rs.2900
Doppler Single Limb both Arterial & Venous Rs.5000
Doppler Single Limb both Arterial & Venous (DC) Rs.5000
Doppler Thyroid Rs.3500
Doppler Thyroid (DC) Rs.3500
Doppler Toes - (DC) Rs.1500
Dorsal lumber spine AP/LAT Rs.2000
Dorsal lumber spine AP/LAT (DC) Rs.2200
Dorsal spine AP/LAT Rs.1500
Dorsal spine AP/LAT (DC Rs.2200
Duplicate Film Rs.690
E.C.G Rs.560
E.C.G - Portable Rs.1500
E.C.G. (DC) Rs.1000
Early Pregnancy Ultrasounds Package Rs.3865
EBV-EBNA IgG Rs.1780
ECG Rs.600
Echinococcus Antibodies Rs.2600
Echocardiography Rs.4500
Elbow Rs.2500
Elbow Both AP / Lat (DC) Rs.2200
Elbow joint AP/LAT Rs.1200
Elbow joint AP/LAT (DC) Rs.2200
Electrolytes (Serum) Rs.1270
Electrolytes (Urinary) Rs.1100
Eosinophil Count Rs.450
Epival level Rs.2580
Epival Level-Wrong Rs.1830
Epstein-Barr Virus (EBV) - IgG Ab Rs.1680
Epstein-Barr Virus (EBV) - IgM Ab Rs.1680
Erect Lateral Pelvimetary Rs.1450
Erect Lateral Pelvimetary (DC Rs.2200
ERPR Rs.12280
ERPR HER 2 Rs.4230
Erythropoietin (EPO) Rs.8530
ESR Rs.330
Estimated GFR (eGFR) Rs.1200
Estrogen (Estradiol) Rs.1500
Everolimus Rs.1130
Exclusive Gynae Package Rs.6265
Exercise MV PG Rs.6000
Extended Health Screening Package Rs.5540
Extended Renal Function Test Package Rs.5680
Eye - Color Blindness Rs.1200
Eye Examination Rs.1200
F.D.P. Rs.1880
Face AP/LAT Rs.1500
Face AP/LAT (DC Rs.1650
Face Mask Rs.10
Factor V Rs.3130
Factor VIII Rs.3250
Fat Globules Rs.250
FBS (Glucometer) Rs.290
FECAL Alpha-1-Antitrypsin Rs.2380
Fecal Elastase Rs.4780
Femur AP/LAT (DC) Rs.2200
Femur AP/LAT - (LT) Rs.1500
Femur AP/LAT - (RT) Rs.1500
Ferritin Rs.1850
Fibrinogen Level Rs.2030
Finger AP/LAT Rs.1200
Finger AP/LAT (DC) Rs.1150
Fish Based analysis Her-2 Rs.23430
Fistulogram with contrast Rs.4000
Fistulogram with contrast (DC) Rs.4400
Fitness Rs.2600
Fluid D/R Rs.1700
Fluid for Amylase Rs.1000
Fluid for RA-Factor Rs.1000
Fly Baghdad: Covid Nucleic Acid Test+Certificate+Consent Form+Portal Rs.4500
FNA with Procedure Rs.3400
Folate (Folic Acid) Serum Rs.1600
Food Allergen Panel Rs.3250
Food Allergens Panel Rs.3250
Foot Rs.2500
Foot (DC) Rs.3000
Foot AP/LAT Rs.1200
Foot AP/LAT (DC) Rs.2200
Foot with Ankle Both Joint AP/LAT View (DC) Rs.2200
Forearm AP/LAT Rs.1200
Forearm AP/LAT (DC) Rs.2200
Free Androgen Index (FAI) Rs.4180
Free T3 Rs.2000
Free T4 Rs.2190
Free Thyroxine Index (FTI) Rs.3000
Free Vaccine Rs.0
Fungus Smear Rs.600
G6PD Rs.2500
Gamma GT Rs.500
Gastrointestinal Screening Rs.4740
General Package Rs.8000
GH - Physiotherapy 7 Visits Rs.2450
Globulin Rs.500
Glucose Challenge Test (GCT) Rs.750
Glucose Tolerance Test (GTT) Rs.1000
Gram Stain Rs.400
Gram Stain for HVS Rs.400
group for x-ray Rs.12000
Growth Hormone Rs.2680
Growth scan Rs.1800
Guided Diagnostic Aspiration Rs.2680
Hand Rs.2500
Hand (DC) Rs.3000
Hand AP/LAT (DC Rs.2200
Hand AP/LAT - (Left) Rs.1200
Hand AP/LAT - (Right) Rs.1200
HAV (IgG) Rs.2080
HAV (IgM) Rs.2000
HB Electrophoresis Rs.2100
HBa Ag Rs.1590
HbA1c(Glycosylated Hb) Rs.1750
HBc Ab IgM Rs.2980
HBe Ab Rs.2000
Hbe Ag Rs.2780
HBeAg Rs.1600
Hbs Ab Rs.1400
HBV / HDV Multiplex PCR Rs.11480
HBV DNA PCR (Quantitative) Rs.8000
HBV Qualitative PCR Rs.4500
HCV Antigen Rs.4800
HCV Genotype PCR Rs.12500
HCV Qualitative PCR Rs.4500
HCV RNA PCR (Quantitative) Rs.8500
HDV Quantitative Rs.10500
HDV RNA Qualitative Rs.6500
Health Screening Package Rs.2540
Heel AP/LAT - (Both) Rs.1950
Heel AP/LAT - (Both) (DC) Rs.2800
Heel AP/LAT - (LT) Rs.1200
Heel AP/LAT - (LT) (DC) Rs.2200
Heel AP/LAT - (RT) Rs.1200
Heel AP/LAT - (RT) (DC) Rs.2200
Heel LAT - (Both) Rs.1000
Heel LAT - (Both) (DC) Rs.2200
Helicobacter Pylori - (H.Pylori) Rs.2000
Helicobacter Pylori IgG Rs.2000
Hemoglobin Profile (HB) Rs.400
Hemolytic Package Rs.2220
Hep A - (4,200) Rs.4200
Hep B,C & ICT TB Rs.4500
Hep B,C, HIV Rs.3200
Hepatitis (B,C,HIV) - ICT, Rs.2100
Hepatitis B Profile Rs.12630
Hepatitis Screening Package Rs.3540
Herpes (Simplex 1) IgG Rs.2673
Herpes (Simplex 2) IgM Rs.2480
Herpes IgG Rs.2080
HEV IgG Rs.3430
HEV IgM Rs.3630
High density lipids (HDL) Rs.500
High Sensitive C-Reactive Protien Rs.2080
Hip joint AP/LAT - (LT) Rs.1500
Hip joint AP/LAT - (LT) - (DC) Rs.1650
Hip joint AP/LAT - (RT) Rs.1500
Hip joint AP/LAT - (RT) - (DC) Rs.1650
HIV Rs.2300
HIV 1/2 (ICT) Rs.2400
Home Sample Charges Rs.300
Home Visit Charges Rs.300
Homocysteine (Serum) Rs.3490
HPLC Rs.3130
hs-CRP Rs.2030
HSV 1 HSV 2 By PCR Rs.5580
HSV IgM Rs.2480
Humerus AP/LAT Rs.1200
Humerus AP/LAT (DC) Rs.1650
Hysterosalpingo Graphy Rs.4000
ICT Hbs Ag Rs.1100
ICT HCV Antibodies Rs.1100
ICT TB Rs.1100
IgA Rs.1330
IgE Rs.1600
IgG Covid-19 Elisa Antibody Rs.2800
Immunity Check Rs.2370
Immunization Vaccination Drive Rs.0
Immunoglobulin IgA Rs.980
Immunoglobulin IgG Rs.3480
Immunoglobulin IgM Rs.3480
IMMUNOGLOBULINS (IgG, IgA & IgM) Group Rs.3980
Influenza A H1NI( RAPID)... Rs.1000
inguinal Hernia Rs.1890
Insulin (Fasting) Rs.2890
Insulin Like Growth F-1 Rs.8380
International Visa Vacc. Certificate Rs.2000
Intrinsic Factor Antibody Rs.4280
IPV Polio - (1,800) Rs.1800
Iran Air: Covid Nucleic Acid Test+Certificate+Consent Form+Portal Rs.4500
Iron Rs.850
Iron Studies Rs.2200
Ivp with ***NON IONIC*** contrast Rs.6500
Ivp with ***NON IONIC*** contrast (DC) Rs.5500
K.U.B X-RAY Rs.1200
Kahns test Rs.1150
Karwan Al Harmain : Covid Nucleic Acid Test+Certificate+Consent Form+Portal Rs.4500
Keton Rs.250
KLB (Diptheria) for smear Rs.400
Knee AP/LAT (LT) Rs.1200
Knee AP/LAT (RT) (DC) Rs.2200
Knee AP/LAT Standing (LT) Rs.980
Knee AP/LAT Standing (RT) Rs.1200
Knee AP/LAT/Skyline View - (LT) Rs.1700
Knee AP/LAT/Skyline View - (RT) Rs.1700
Knee Aspirate D/R + Gram Stain + AFB Rs.1300
Knee Joint AP view (LT) Rs.1200
Knee Joint AP/LAT (LT) Rs.1200
Knee Joint AP/LAT (LT) (DC Rs.2200
Knee Joint AP/LAT (RT) Rs.1200
Knee Joint AP/LAT (RT) (DC Rs.2200
Knee Joint AP/LAT (Sitting) Rs.1130
Knee Joint AP/LAT (Standing) Rs.1130
Knee Joint both AP/LAT Rs.2200
Knee Joint both AP/LAT (DC) Rs.2200
Knee Skyline View Rs.1700
Knee Skyline View (DC) Rs.2200
KUB. + Right illiacfossa Rs.1800
KUB. + Right illiacfossa (DC) Rs.2500
Lactic Acid Rs.2890
LDH Rs.600
LE Cell Rs.570
Leg AP/LAT (DC) Rs.2200
Leg AP/LAT Left Rs.1200
Leg AP/LAT Right Rs.1200
Lipase Rs.1100
Lipid Profile Rs.2190
Lithium Rs.1100
Liver Abscess D/R+GRAMSTAIN+AFB Rs.1600
Liver Function Test - LFT Rs.1650
Low Density Lipids (LDL) Rs.630
Lumber sacral spine AP/LAT (DC) Rs.2200
Lumbo Sacral Spine AP/LAT Rs.1650
Lumbo sacral spine AP/LAT Rs.1700
Lumbo Sacral Spine AP/LAT Oblique Rs.2100
Lumbo Sacral Spine Extension / Flexion Views Rs.1700
Lupus Anticoagulant Rs.6530
Macrocytic Package Rs.3610
Magnesium Rs.600
Malarial Parasitic Load Rs.500
Mammography (bilateral) Rs.4200
Mammography (bilateral) Rs.4200
Mammography (unilateral) Rs.2500
Mammography (unilateral) (DC) Rs.1800
Mandible AP/LAT Rs.1200
Mandible AP/LAT (DC) Rs.2200
Mantoux Test Rs.550
Mastoid Both Laws View Rs.1400
Mastoid Both Laws View (DC) Rs.2200
Mastoid Lawn's View LT Rs.1100
Mastoid Lawn's View RT Rs.980
Mastoid Lawn's View RT (DC) Rs.2200
Maxillary Bone Rs.900
Maxillary Bone (DC) Rs.1150
Maxillary Bone AP/LAT Rs.1500
MCH Rs.450
MCHC Rs.450
MCV Rs.450
Measles - (500) Rs.500
Medical + Eye Examination Rs.1600
Medical Examination Rs.1200
Memography Both Breast Rs.4200
Memography Single Breast Rs.2500
Methemoglobin Rs.750
Micro Albumin(Urine) Rs.900
Microcytic Anemia Package Rs.4360
MMR - (1,500) Rs.1500
Mono PTY Gun (Bard) Rs.6330
Mono PTY Gun (Bard) (DC) Rs.5500
MP (Malarial Parasite) Rs.550
MP ICT Rs.1100
MP ICT (Malaria) Rs.1150
MRI Abdomen Plain Rs.14950
MRI Abdomen with Contrast Rs.20130
MRI Ankle Joint Plain Rs.13230
MRI Ankle Joint with Contrast Rs.18400
MRI Brain & IAC Plain Rs.16100
MRI Brain & IAC with Contrast Rs.21280
MRI Brain & Orbit Plain Rs.16100
MRI Brain & Orbit with Contrast Rs.21280
MRI Brain (Full Study) Plain Rs.10350
MRI Brain (Full Study) with Contrast Rs.20490
MRI Brain MRA / MRV Plain Rs.17830
MRI Brain MRA / MRV with Contrast Rs.23000
MRI Carotid Plain Rs.9200
MRI Cervical Spine Plain Rs.10350
MRI Cervical Spine with Contrast Rs.15530
MRI Dorsal/Thorasic Spine Plain Rs.10350
MRI Dorsal/Thorasic Spine with Contrast Rs.15530
MRI Face Plain Rs.13230
MRI Face with Contrast Rs.18400
MRI Foot Plain Rs.13230
MRI Foot with Contrast Rs.18400
MRI Hip Joint Plain Rs.13230
MRI Hip Joint with Contrast Rs.18400
MRI Joint any Plain Rs.13230
MRI Joint any with Contrast Rs.18400
MRI Knee Joint Plain Rs.13230
MRI Knee Joint with Contrast Rs.18400
MRI Leg Plain Rs.13230
MRI Leg with Contrast Rs.18400
MRI Lumbar Spine Plain Rs.10350
MRI Lumbar Spine with Contrast Rs.15530
MRI MRA Plain Rs.6330
MRI MRCP Plain Rs.14950
MRI Mylogram Plain Rs.5750
MRI Neck Plain Rs.13230
MRI Neck with Contrast Rs.18400
MRI Pelvis Plain Rs.13230
MRI Pelvis with Contrast Rs.18400
MRI S I Joint Plain Rs.13230
MRI S I Joint with Contrast Rs.18400
MRI Screening (Spine/Brain/lumber) Plain Rs.6990
MRI Shouldar Joint Plain Rs.13230
MRI Shouldar Joint with Contrast Rs.18400
MRI Thigh Plain Rs.13230
MRI Thigh with Contrast Rs.18400
MSK - Hip Rs.2000
MTB by GeneXpert - Ascitic Fluid Rs.4500
MTB by GeneXpert - Bronchial Lavage Rs.4500
MTB by GeneXpert - Pleural Rs.4500
MTB by GeneXpert - Pleural Rs.4500
MTB by GeneXpert - PUS Rs.4500
MTB by GeneXpert - Sputum Rs.3500
MTB by GeneXpert - Tissue Rs.3500
MTB by GeneXpert - Tracheal Fluid Rs.4000
MTB DNA Detection By PCR Rs.4500
Mycodot (TB) IgM by ELISA (Cloatted Blood) / Serum Rs.2330
Nasal bone Lateral View Rs.900
Neck Soft Tissue Lateral View Rs.1200
Neck Soft Tissue Lateral View (DC) Rs.2200
New Born Screening Rs.3050
Non-Invasive Blood Pressure (NIBP) Rs.4500
Nose AP view (DC Rs.1150
Nose AP/LAT Rs.1300
Nose AP/LAT (DC) Rs.2200
Nose LAT view Rs.900
Nose LAT view (DC) Rs.1150
Nuchal Translucency Scan Rs.1800
OAE (OTO Acoustic Emission) Rs.2090
Occult Blood Rs.350
Orbit AP/LAT Rs.1400
Orbit AP/LAT (DC) Rs.2200
Osmolality (Serum) Rs.1980
Osmolality Urine Rs.1830
Osteoporosis Package Rs.5130
Package C - Baseline Screening for Heart, Sugar & Electrolytes Rs.1800
Package D - Sugar Control & Cholesterol Status Rs.1920
Pap Smear Rs.2500
Para nasal sinuses (PNS) Rs.900
Para nasal sinuses (PNS) (DC) Rs.1150
Para thormone (PTH) Rs.2100
Patella Skyline View Rs.1130
Patella Skyline View (DC Rs.1150
PCB COVid PCR Screening Test Rs.2300
Pegasus: Covid Nucleic Acid Test+Certificate+Consent Form+Portal Rs.4500
Pelvementry AP Transverse / Lat Rs.1450
Pelvementry AP Transverse / LAT (DC) Rs.2200
pelvic ultrasound (home sampling) Rs.3450
Pelvimetry AP/lat View Rs.1590
Pelvimetry erect lateral Rs.1450
Pelvimetry erect lateral (DC) Rs.1650
Pelvis AP view Rs.1200
Pelvis AP view (DC) Rs.1150
Pelvis AP/LAT Rs.1540
Pelvis AP/LAT (DC) Rs.1650
Penta - (500) Rs.500
Perituneal Fluid for Amylase Rs.1000
Phenobarbital Rs.1890
Phenytoin (Dilantin) Rs.2130
Phosphorus Rs.550
Physio Gym Single Visit Rs.300
Physiotherapy 1 Visit Rs.450
Physiotherapy 1 Visit - (Senior Citizen) Rs.400
Physiotherapy 10 Visits Rs.3800
Physiotherapy 10 Visits - (Senior Citize) Rs.3600
Physiotherapy 15 Visits - (Senior Citize) Rs.5100
Physiotherapy 2 Visit Rs.700
Physiotherapy 20 Visits Rs.6350
Physiotherapy 21 Visits Rs.7350
Physiotherapy 28 Visits Rs.9500
Physiotherapy 28 Visits - (Senior Citize) Rs.8800
Physiotherapy 30 Visits Rs.9450
Physiotherapy 7 Visits Rs.2800
Physiotherapy 7 Visits - (Senior Citizen) Rs.2650
Physiotherapy Gym Monthly Package Rs.2000
Physiotherapy Home Visit Rs.300
PIA for Canada: Covid Nucleic Acid Test+Certificate+Consent Form+Portal+IgG/IgM Rs.9900
Plasma Amino acid Rs.10530
Plasma Renin Rs.4980
Platelet Count Rs.450
Platelet Count For PRP Rs.450
Pleural Fluid D/R Rs.1700
Potassium Rs.400
Pre void or Post void Rs.1500
Prevenor 13 (multidose) - (4,570) Rs.4570
pro BNP Rs.2800
Procalcitonin Level Rs.3980
Progesterone Rs.1500
Prolactin Rs.1990
Prostatic Fluid C/S+Collection Rs.2000
Prostatic Fluid for D/R + Gram Stain Rs.1700
Protein A/G Ratio Rs.750
Protein Electrophoresis Rs.2430
Protein-C Rs.5880
Protein-S Rs.5880
Prothrombin Time - (PT-INR) Rs.712
PSA Rs.2100
PT APTT Rs.1500
PTA Rs.860
Pulmonary Function Test (PFT) Rs.1200
Pure Tone Audiometry (AC, BC) Rs.1020
PUS D/R Rs.1700
QuantiFERON-TB IGRA Rs.8000
RA Titre / Factor Rs.1000
Radius ulna AP/LAT Rs.1200
Radius ulna AP/LAT (DC) Rs.2200
RBC Folate Rs.1700
RBS (Glucometer) Rs.180
RBS (Glucose Random) Rs.232
Red Cells Antibody Screening Rs.1730
Renal Function Test Package Rs.2570
Reporting for X-Rays Rs.100
Reporting for X-Rays (DC) Rs.500
Reticulocyte Counts Rs.450
Rh Antibody Titer Rs.1000
RPR (Rapid Plasma Reagin) Rs.1400
Rubella IgG Rs.1400
Rubella IgM Rs.1400
S. Free Androggen Index Rs.4180
S.I Joint AP/LAT (DC) Rs.1650
S.I Joint AP/LAT RT/LT Rs.1500
S.I Joint Both AP/LAT Rs.1700
S.I Joint Both AP/LAT (DC) Rs.1650
S.I Joint Both Oblique Rs.1500
Sacro coccyx AP & LT View Rs.1750
Sacro coccyx AP (DC) Rs.1150
Sacro coccyx Spine AP/LAT Rs.1750
Sacro coccyx Spine AP/LAT (DC) Rs.1650
Sample collected by deal for CoVid 19 Rs.1000
Sample Collection Charges-US Consulate Rs.2000
SARS-COV-2 antibody IgM/IgG screening for community surveillance Rs.3800
SARS-COV-2 IgM/IgG Quantitative (Neutralizing Antibody Test) Rs.2800
SARS-COV-2 Neutralizing Antibody Test - (Post Vaccination) Rs.3200
SARS-COV-2 Rapid Antibody Test Rs.2800
SARS-COV-2 RT PCR Nucleic acid TEST Rs.4500
SARS-COV-2 total antibody ELISA test Rs.1950
SARS-CoV-2 variant test UK and South African vibrant Rs.10000
SARS-Covid-19 IgG/IgM Antibody Screening Test Rs.3800
SARS-Covid-19 IgG/IgM Quantitative Antibody Screening Test (neutralising antibodies Rs.3800
Scapula AP/LAT Rs.1300
Scapula AP/LAT (DC) Rs.1650
Second Opinion Histopathology Rs.1500
Semi Automatic (EGGMAN) Rs.2880
Semi Automatic (EGGMAN) (DC) Rs.3500
Serum Gastric Level (Gastrin) Rs.4180
SGOT (AST) Rs.400