Rehman Medical Institute RMI

Activated Partial Thromboplastin Time (APTT/PTTK)

All Tests
Test Detail Price
(ACTH) Adrenocorticotropic hormone Rs.4410
17 hydroxy Progesterone Rs.4590
17 Ketosteroids Rs.2970
24 Hrs. Creatinine Clearance Rs.990
24 hrs. Urinary Protein Rs.540
24hr Urinary Uric Acid (urate) Rs.360
5 Hydroxyindole AA Rs.2880
A-1 Antitrypsin Level Rs.2250
ABO Rh grouping Rs.540
ABO Rh grouping (VBD) Rs.0
Acetyl Choline Receptor Abs Rs.9810
Activated Partial Thromboplastin Time (APTT/PTTK) Rs.630
Acute Leukemia Panel by Flow Cytometry Rs.9900
Additional/subsequent IHC marker (One) Rs.1980
Additional/subsequent IHC marker (Three) Rs.4950
Additional/subsequent IHC marker (Two) Rs.3960
Alanine Transaminase (ALT) Rs.450
Albumin Rs.450
Aldolase Serum Rs.1890
Aldosterone Rs.4320
Alkaline Phosphatase Rs.450
Alkaline Phosphatase Fractionation Rs.990
Alpha Fetoprotein (AFP) Amniotic Fluid Rs.20970
Alpha-fetoproteins (AFP) Rs.1890
Amikacin Rs.2520
AML Translocation (11q) Rs.7920
Amphetamines/ Methamphetamines Rs.2430
ANA Profile Quantitative Rs.6930
ANA Screening ELISA Rs.1800
Androstenedione Level Rs.4950
Angiotensin Converter Enzyme (ACE) Rs.3960
Anti Cardiolipin IgG Rs.2970
Anti Cardiolipin IgM Rs.2970
Anti dsDNA ELISA Rs.1530
Anti EBV IGM Rs.1980
Anti Gliadin Ab IgA Rs.3150
Anti Gliadin Ab IgG Rs.3510
Anti Hepatitis D Virus (Anti HDV) Rs.3330
Anti Mullerian Hormone (AMH) Rs.4860
Anti Phospholipid IgG Rs.2520
Anti Phospholipid IgM Rs.2520
Anti Thrombin III Rs.6840
Anti Transglutaminase IgA Rs.1800
Anti Transglutaminase IgG Rs.1890
Anti-Hepatitis A IgM Antibodies Rs.1620
Anti-Hepatitis B core IgM Antibodies Rs.1350
Anti-Hepatitis B core Total Antibodies Rs.1530
Anti-Hepatitis B E Antibodies (HBEAb) Rs.1350
Anti-Hepatitis C (HCV) Antibodies Rs.1980
Anti-HIV Antibodies Rs.1980
Anti-MPO (pANCA) Rs.2520
Anti-PR3 (cANCA) Rs.2520
Anti-TP antibodies Rs.1530
Anti-TPO Rs.1530
Antibody Screen 3 Panel Cells Rs.1980
Arrange RCC/Whole blood Rs.810
Arterial Blood Gases (ABGs) Rs.1620
ASO Titre Rs.810
Aspartate transaminase (AST) Rs.450
Assay of Renin Rs.4950
Autopsy Limited / Regional Rs.11880
Autopsy External Exam Only Rs.9900
Autopsy Gross Exam and Microscopic Exam Rs.14850
AutoTransfusion Rs.810
Bacterial Shot-gun Metagenomic Sequencing (~60X) Rs.19800
Barbiturates Urine Rs.2160
BCR ABL Fish Rs.10800
BCR ABL Quantititative by Real Time PCR Rs.14130
BCR-ABL Qualitative by Real Time PCR Rs.7110
Benzodiazepines Urine Rs.2160
Beta 2 MIcroglobulin Rs.4770
Beta HCG Rs.1710
Bicarbonate Rs.630
Bilirubin Direct Rs.450
Bilirubin Total Rs.450
Bleeding Time Rs.315
Blood Alcohol Level Rs.2700
Blood Chromosome Rs.12870
Blood Culture Report Rs.2160
Blood film for Microfilaria Rs.270
Blood Glucose (glucometer) Rs.315
Blood Urea Rs.400
BNP Rs.1710
Bone Marrow Aspiration Procedure Rs.2610
Bone Marrow Aspiration with Reporting Rs.2520
Bone marrow Biopsy with IHC 3 Markers Rs.4950
Bone Marrow Chromosome Rs.9270
Bone Marrow Culture Rs.1710
Bone Marrow Extraction Rs.1530
Bone Marrow extraction Rs.1530
Bone Marrow Reporting Only Rs.1530
Bone Marrow Trephine Biopsy Reporting Rs.3240
Bone Marrow Trephine Biopsy with IHC (upto 5 IHC markers) Rs.5940
Bone Marrow Trephine Biopsy with procedure Rs.3600
BRCA1/BRCA2 Genetic Testing Rs.39600
Brucella Serology Rs.810
C Reactive Protien (CRP) Rs.1250
C-Peptide Rs.4770
CA 15-3 Rs.2970
CA 19-9 Rs.4950
CA-125 Rs.2520
Calcium Ionised Rs.540
Calcium Total Rs.540
Carcino Embryonic Antigen (CEA) Rs.2160
CD4/CD8 Research Panel Rs.1800
Ceruloplasmin Rs.2520
Chikungunya Rs.1350
CK-MB Rs.990
Clostridioides difficile GDH antigen + Toxin A&B Rs.3240
Clotting Time Rs.315
Coagulation profile with mixing studies Rs.2790
Complement (C3) Rs.1170
Complement (C4) Rs.1170
Complete Blood Count (CBC) Rs.550
Coombs Test (Indirect) Rs.540
Coombs Test (Direct) Rs.630
Core Needle biopsy with three IHC markers Rs.7920
Coronavirus Antibody (Anti-SARS-Cov-2) Rs.990
Corrected Calcium Rs.810
Covid-19 (PCR) Rs.5900
Covid-19 (RT-PCR) (25% discounted for families) Rs.5220
COVID-19 (RT-PCR) (Ward M 50% discounted) Rs.3510
Covid-19 Ag Rapid Rs.2070
Covid-19 Antibody IGG Quantitative Rs.1800
CPK Rs.900
Crimean Congo Virsu (VHF) Rs.7920
Cross Linked N-Telepeptide Rs.7110
CSF for Bacterial Antigens Rs.2970
CSF for IgG Rs.1170
CSF for Protein Electrophoresis Rs.6930
CSF Routine Examination Rs.990
Culture and sensitivity (C/S) Rs.1350
Customized Panel by Flow Cytometry Rs.4500
Cytogenetics Rs.9900
Cytology - LBC Rs.1170
Cytology cervical / Vaginal PAP smear Rs.2070
Cytomegalovirus (CMV) IgG Rs.1620
Cytomegalovirus (CMV) IgM Rs.1620
Cytomegalovirus (CMV) by PCR Rs.5940
Cytopathology, smears and interpretation Rs.1170
D-dimer Rs.1350
D.DIAMER Rs.1300
Dark ground illumination Rs.360
Daycare Blood Transfusion (Registered Patient) Rs.2610
Daycare Blood Transfusion with Desferol Rs.2970
Daycare Desferol Injection Charges Rs.540
Daycare FFP (Registered Patient) Rs.540
Daycare Platelets Infusion (Registered Patient) Rs.540
Daycare Stay (Registered Patient) Rs.630
Daycare Transfusion Rs.4050
Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA SO4) Rs.3870
Delta Drugs Rs.12690
Dengue screening combo test (promotional) Rs.400
Dengue Screening CBC (promotional) Rs.100
Dengue Screening MP (promotional) Rs.100
DNA Analysis (sampling) Rs.1530
DNA Extraction(Research purpose) Rs.1080
Drug of Abuses Rs.1170
Echinococcus granulosus (hydated cyst) Rs.3240
Epstein Barr Virus Ab IgG Rs.1710
ESR Rs.315
Estradiol Rs.1440
Factor II Assay Rs.2610
Factor IX (Nine) Assay Rs.3150
Factor V Assay Rs.3150
Factor V Leiden Rs.5220
Factor VIII (Eight) Assay Rs.2520
Factor X Rs.3870
Factor XIII Assay Rs.4140
Ferritin Rs.1250
FISH panel for CLL Rs.49590
Fluid amylase and ratio Rs.540
Fluid Bilirubin Rs.540
Fluid Creatinine Rs.450
Fluid Cytology Rs.1350
Fluid Electrolytes Rs.810
Fluid Routine Examination Rs.1170
Fluid Triglycerides Rs.540
Fluid Urea Rs.360
FNA With Procedure Rs.2250
FNA Without Procedure Rs.1260
Fractional Excretion Of HCO3 Rs.990
Fractional excretion of Na (FENa) Rs.540
Free Androgen Index Rs.4230
Free Prostate Specific Antigen IFree PSA) Rs.5670
Free Thyroxin Index (FTI) Rs.2970
Free Thyroxine (FT4) Rs.1125
Fresh Frozen Plasma (FFP) Rs.900
FSH Rs.1440
Fungal Culture Rs.1350
G6PD Quantitative Rs.1620
Gamma glutamyle transferase (GGT) Rs.450
Genetic testing of Tuberous Sclerosis Complex (TSC) Rs.69300
Gentamicin level Rs.2610
Glucose Tolerance Test Rs.1080
Gram Stain Rs.540
Growth Hormone Rs.2430
Growth Hormone Suppression Test Rs.11880
H Pylori Ab IgG Rs.1890
H Pylori Antigen in Stool Rs.1170
H. Pylori by PCR Rs.3960
Haemoglobin Studies/Electrophoresis/HPLC Rs.3150
Haptoglobin Rs.1350
HbA1c (Glycated Hemoglobin) Rs.1260
HBV DNA Genotyping Rs.22770
HBV DNA Genotyping with Quantitative Real-Time PCR Rs.18000
HCV RNA Genotyping Rs.11880
HDL/LDL-Cholesterol Rs.810
Hepatitas B Surface Antibody (Hbs Ab)) Rs.1260
Hepatitas B Surface Antigen (Hbs Ag) Rs.990
Hepatitis B E Antigen Rs.1350
Hepatitis E IgM Antibodies Rs.1800
HER2 By FISH Rs.23220
Herpes Simplex (HSV-1) IgG Rs.1800
Herpes Simplex (HSV-1) IgM Rs.1890
Herpes Simplex Virus (HSV) 1&2 by PCR Rs.3960
High dose dexamethasone test Rs.2160
HIV by Western Blot Rs.9900
HIV Real-TM Rs.5490
HLA B27 Allele by PCR Rs.9270
HOMA-IR (Homeostatic Model of Assessment of Insulin Resistance) Rs.4680
HS Troponin I Rs.1620
ICT malaria & Malaria slide Rs.810
IHC 1 marker Rs.2160
IHC 03 Markers Rs.5490
IHC 5 Markers Rs.5940
IHC- Estrogen Receptor, Progesteron Receptor, Her2/neu Rs.9450
IHC-Each Additional Antibody Rs.1530
IHC-Flow Rs.7920
Immunoglobulin A (IgA) Rs.810
Immunoglobulin E (IgE) Rs.1530
Immunoglobulin G (IgG) Rs.810
Immunoglobulin M (IgM) Rs.810
Infectious Mononucleosis Rs.1710
Insulin like Growth Factor 1 Rs.8460
Interleukin-6 (IL-6) Rs.1710
Issue RCC/Whole blood (paediatric) with screening Rs.1980
Issue RCC/Whole blood (neonatal) with screening Rs.1260
Issue RCC/Whole blood with Screening Rs.4050
JAK 2 Mutation Detection by PCR Rs.7740
KAPPA Light Chain Rs.1980
Lactic Acid Rs.1440
Lambda Light Chain Rs.2970
LE Cells Rs.540
Legionella Urine Antigen Rs.4140
LH Rs.1440
Lipid Profile Rs.2200
Lithium Rs.1710
Liver Function Test (LFT) Rs.2200
Liver Kidney Microsomal Antibodies(LKM) Rs.2430
Low dose dexamethasone test Rs.2430
LPDs & Exfoliating Lymphomas by Flow Cytometry Rs.8460
Lupus Anticoagulant Rs.6480
Lymphocyte immunophenotyping by Flow Cytometry Rs.8460
Magnesium Rs.900
Malarial Parasite Rs.450
Mantoux/Tuberculin Test Rs.405
Measles IgM Rs.2790
Methotrexate Serum Rs.3600
MTB PCR (qualitative) Real-Time Rs.3510
Nail Scraping for fungal hyphae Rs.360
NHS Meningitides Real-TM Rs.6930
Occult Blood Rs.450
Pathology consultation during surgery (touch preparetions) Rs.2520
PCR HBV (qualitative) Real-Time Rs.5670
PCR HBV (quantitative) Real-Time Rs.9900
PCR HCV (qualitative) Real-Time Rs.5940
PCR HCV (quantitative) Real-Time Rs.9900
PCR Product Sequencing (300bp - 1500bp) Rs.1800
PCR Product Sequencing (300bp - 2000bp) Rs.2970
Peripheral Smear with Complete Blood Counts Rs.810
Phenobarbital Rs.2160
Phosphorous (PO4) Rs.540
Plasma Creatinine Rs.450
Plasma Ammonia Rs.1800
Plasma Cell Disorder by Flow Cytometry Rs.5580
Plasma Cortisol Rs.1620
Plasma Creatinine Rs.420
Plasma Cyclosporin (CSA) Level Rs.3510
Plasma Digoxin Level Rs.2160
Plasma Fibrinogen Level Rs.2070
Plasma Glucose (F) Rs.405
Plasma Glucose (R) Rs.400
Plasma Glucose 2 Hrs Rs.405
Plasma Glucose Challenge Test (GCT) Rs.450
Plasma Glucose post-dinner Rs.405
Plasma Glucose post-lunch Rs.405
Plasma Glucose pre-dinner Rs.360
Plasma Glucose pre-lunch Rs.360
Plasma Homocysteine (Blood) Rs.2970
Plasma Insulin Rs.4770
Plasma Parathyroid Hormone (PTH) intact Rs.1890
Plasma Phenytoin Level Rs.2160
Plasma Procalcitonin (PCT) Rs.2970
Plasma Valproic Acid Rs.1620
Plasma Vancomycin Level Rs.2070
Plasma Zinc Rs.2340
Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) 25 ml Rs.1080
Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) 50 ml Rs.1980
Platelets Rs.1170
PNH Panel by Flow Cytometry Rs.5580
Porphyrins Rs.1080
Potassium Creatinine Ratio Rs.1170
Prader-Willi (SNRPN) by FISH Rs.5940
Progesterone Rs.1440
Prolactin Rs.1440
Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA) Rs.2070
Protein-C Assay Rs.5850
Protein-S Assay Rs.5490
Prothrombin Time (INR) Rs.630
RBC Osmotic fragility test Rs.720
Reducing Substances Rs.450
Retics count Rs.315
Review Blocks with Specimen Rs.3510
Review Case With IHC (upto 3 markers) Rs.4950
Review case with IHC (upto 5 IHC markers) Rs.5940
Review referred blocks for reporting without IHC Rs.2520
Review referred Slide Rs.3510
Rh (D) Antibodies Titre/Screening Rs.810
Rheumatoid Factor Rs.810
Rota Virus Rs.2340
Rubella (Rosoloa) Virus RNA by PCR Rs.4320
Rubella IgG Rs.1350
Rubella IgM Rs.1530
S.LDH Rs.400
SAAG (Serum Ascites Albumin Gradient or Gap) Rs.900
SARS Cov 2 igG Quantitative Rs.1800
Scraping/ Microscopy for Fungal Hyphae Rs.405
Secretion for Fungal Hyphae Rs.360
Security for Block & Slides for referral outside Rs.2520
Semen Analysis Rs.1300
Serum Amylase Rs.630
Serum Calcitonin Rs.8190
Serum Copper Rs.1800
Serum Electrolytes Rs.1170
Serum Erythropitin Rs.8460
Serum Folate Rs.1710
Serum Iron/ TIBC Rs.1530
Serum Lipase Rs.810
Serum Protein Electrophoresis Rs.2790
Serum Proteins and A/G Ratio Rs.810
Sex Hormone-Binding Globulin (SHBG) Rs.2970
Short Synacthen Test Rs.3960
Short Synacthen Test 5 Hrs Rs.3960
Sickling Test Rs.315
Single donor platelets pheresis Rs.26730
Skin Scraping for fungus hyphae Rs.360
Skin slit/scrapping smear for LD bodies Rs.450
Slide for Second Opinion (not returnable) Rs.540
Special Stain - one Rs.1620
Sputum Direct Microscopy for Hydatid cyst Rs.360
Sputum for fungal hyphae Rs.360
Stool for Cryptosporidium Rs.900
Stool for Vibrio cholerae-like motility Rs.270
Stool Routine Examination (With Concentration Technique) Rs.540
Surgical pathology specimen (Large Biopsy) Rs.3780
Surgical pathology specimen, Gross, microscopy & reporting( small biopsy) Rs.3240
Surgical pathology specimen,Gross Only Rs.1530
Suspected CLL Panel by Flow Cytometry Rs.8460
Swine Flu (Influenza A H1N1 PCR) Rs.12870
T-Cell subset analysis for immunodeficiency by Flow Cytometry Rs.6300
T3 Total Rs.1035
T3 Uptake Rs.3060
Tacrolimus Rs.3600
TB IgG/IgM Rs.900
Tegretol / Carbamazepine Rs.2160
TEL_AML 1 t(12:21) Rs.10440
Testosterone Rs.1440
Therapeutic Plasma Apheresis (Exchange) Rs.25740
Thrombin Time (TT) Rs.540
Thyroglobulin (Tg) Rs.1980
Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (TSH) Rs.1125
Tissue Culture Rs.1350
Total Cholesterol Rs.450
Total Protein Rs.450
Toxoplasma GONDII by PCR Rs.3780
Toxoplasma IgG Antibodies Rs.1350
Toxoplasma IgM Antibodies Rs.1260
TP53 Gene Sequencing Rs.5940
Transfusion, blood or blood components Rs.630
Trephine biopsy for IHC Rs.8910
Trephine biopsy processing (Without reporting) Rs.540
Triglyceride Rs.540
Triple Test Rs.12870
U. Opiates Rs.1890
Urethral smear for GC Rs.405
Uric Acid Rs.540
Urinary Albumin Concentration Rs.630
Urinary Albumin Creatinine Ratio Rs.720
Urinary Albumin Excretion 24 Hrs Rs.630
Urinary Albumin Excretion Rate Rs.270
Urinary Chloride Rs.270
Urinary Copper Rs.2340
Urinary Cortisol Rs.1260
Urinary Haemoglobin Rs.360
Urinary Phosphorous Rs.360
Urinary Potassium Rs.360
Urinary Protein/Creatinine Ratio (SPOT) Rs.720
Urinary Sodium Rs.900
Urinary Urea Rs.360
Urine Amylase (24hr) Rs.630
Urine Bence Jones Protein Rs.450
Urine Calcium (24hr) Rs.450
Urine haemosiderin Rs.450
Urine Pregnancy Test (HCG) Rs.630
Urine Reducing substances Rs.405
Urine Routine Examination Rs.405
Varicella Zoster Virus (VZV) Ab Rs.2970
VBGs (Venous Blood Gases) Rs.1620
Venesection procedure with blood bag-therapuetic phlebotomy Rs.990
Vitamin B12 Rs.1530
Vitamin D Serum Rs.2970
Water testing for microbiology by microfiltration method Rs.1980
XMN1 Polymorphism by PCR Rs.3960
Ziehl Neelsen (ZN) Stain Rs.540