Body Fluid Cell Count

2 cc Body fluid
All Tests
Test Detail Price
17 Ketosteriodes Rs.2270
17 OH Progesterone Rs.5970
24 Hour Urinary free Cortisol Rs.1790
24 Hour Urinary Magnesium Rs.1180
24 Hours Urinary Oxalate Rs.4070
24 Hrs Urine Micro Albumin Rs.1740
25-Hydroxy Vitamin D Rs.3870
5HIAA Rs.3780
A.C.T.H (AdrenoCorticoTropic Hormone) Rs.4290
A/G Ratio Rs.790
Abo Group & Rh Rs.1010
Absolute Eosinophil Count Rs.990
Absolute Neutrophils Count Rs.990
Acetoaminophen(paracetamol) Rs.1850
Acute Leukemia Rs.31270
AFB C/S Rs.4180
AFB Smear Rs.740
AFB Smear - Auramine Staining Rs.740
AI Prof.Chronic Inflammation Bowel Disease Rs.8450
Albumin Rs.460
Albumin to Creatinine Ratio (ACR) Rs.2130
Alcohol Rs.2850
Aldolase Rs.2130
Aldosterone Rs.4180
Alk Phosphatase Rs.560
Alkaline Phosphatase Fractionation Rs.1070
Alpha 1 Antitrypsin Rs.2230
Alpha F. Protein Rs.3800
AMA Rs.1670
Amikacin Rs.2960
Ammonia Rs.1850
Amoebiasis IHA Rs.2790
Amylase Serum Rs.1070
Amylase Urine Rs.840
ANA Anti nuclear Antibody Rs.2230
ANA Group / Autoimmune Liver Profile Rs.2530
ANA IgG Rs.2230
Anaerobic C/S Rs.1740
ANCA-Anti GBM Profile Rs.5010
ANCA-Antineutrophil Cytoplasmic Ab (CE45) Rs.4330
Androstenedione Rs.6480
Angiotensin Convert. Enzym (ACE) Rs.5620
Antenatal Profile Rs.13470
Antenatal Profile without HB Electr Rs.8900
Anti Mullerian Hormone Rs.5960
Anti Adrenal Ab IgG Rs.2790
Anti Aquaporin 4 Ab Rs.7210
Anti CCP (Anti Cyc.Citru.Peptide) Rs.3850
Anti Centromere Antibodies Rs.2230
Anti dsDNA+Anti Histone+Anti Nucleosome Rs.3460
Anti GAD Antibodies Rs.1670
Anti Gastric Parietal Cell AB Rs.2230
Anti GBM Rs.3980
Anti Gliadin IgA (CE48) Rs.3090
Anti Gliadin IgG (CE49) Rs.3460
Anti Islet Cell Antibodies/GAD Antibodies Rs.2230
Anti LKM Rs.2400
Anti Neuronal Profile Rs.5680
Anti Thrombin Rs.6120
Anti TSH Receptor Ab Rs.2940
Anti VGKC Associated Protein Rs.7780
Antibody Identification Rs.4240
Antibody Screening Rs.1180
Antibody Titration Rs.1670
Anticardiolipin IgG (CE22) Rs.3340
Anticardiolipin IgM (CE23) Rs.3340
Antitransglutaminase IgA Rs.3090
Antitransglutaminase IgG Rs.3090
APTT Rs.1290
Arterial Blood Gases Rs.1400
Ascitic Fluid Routine Analysis Rs.1460
ASMA Rs.1670
ASO Rs.1850
Aspirate C/S Rs.1740
Autoimmune Encephalitis Profile By CSF Rs.20090
Autoimmune Encephalitis Profile By Serum Rs.20090
Autoimmune Profile for Inflammatory Myopathie Rs.7850
Autoimmune Profile for Systemic Sclerosis Rs.7790
B/M for Cytogenetics Studies(hematological malignancies) Rs.7790
B/M For Karyotyping of Sex Mismatched B/M transplantation Rs.7790
B12 Folate Rs.3960
BCR- ABL by PCR Quantitative Rs.24310
Bence-Jones Protein Urine Rs.620
Beta 2 Glycoprotein IgG Rs.1670
Beta 2 Glycoprotein IgM Rs.1670
Beta 2 Micro Globulin Rs.4350
Beta D-Glucan Rs.6740
BHCG Rs.2130
Bicarbonate Serum Rs.560
Bladder Urine C/S Rs.1740
Blood C/S (Adult) Rs.3060
Blood C/S (Peads) Rs.3060
Blood Crossmatch Rs.1070
Blood for PNH Disease Rs.17800
Blood Ketone Rs.830
Blood Screening Rs.6070
Blood Transfusion Reaction Investigation (RBC) Rs.6300
BNP(B-type Natriuretic Peptide) Rs.3730
Body fluid - Amylase Rs.1120
Body fluid - Glucose Rs.840
Body fluid - LDH Rs.840
Body Fluid - pH Rs.460
Body fluid - Protein Rs.840
Body Fluid Albumin Rs.510
Body Fluid C/S Rs.1740
Body Fluid Cell Count Rs.900
Body Fluid Cholesterol Rs.560
Body Fluid Creatinine Rs.560
Body Fluid Fungus C/S Rs.1740
Body Fluid in Culture Bottle Rs.3060
Body Fluid Uric Acid Rs.560
Bone Marrow / peripheral blood for Philadelphia Chromosome Rs.10020
Bone Marrow Aspiration and Trephine Biopsy Rs.5350
Bone Marrow Procedure Rs.1850
Bone Marrow Smear Rs.2230
Bone Marrow Trephine & Slide Review Rs.3180
Bone Profile Rs.3520
Breast Cancer Immuno Profile Rs.10360
Breast Milk C/S Rs.1740
Bronchial wash C/S Rs.1740
Brucella Antibody Rs.1500
Brucella Igg by Elisa Rs.5960
Brucella Igm by Elisa Rs.5960
BUN Rs.560
C S F - Cytology Rs.1850
C-Peptide Rs.5520
C-Reactive Protein(CRP) High Sensitivity Rs.1740
C3 Rs.1570
C4 Rs.1570
CA 125 Rs.5010
CA 15-3 Rs.3350
CA 19-9 Rs.5010
Calcitonin Rs.10910
Calcium Serum Rs.730
Calcium Urine Rs.750
Calprotectin Rs.5010
Carbamazepine (Tegretol) Rs.1740
Cardiac Profile (CPKMB, Troponin-I) Rs.3180
Catheter Tip C/S Rs.1740
Catheter Urine C/S (CSU) Rs.1740
CBC Diff Profile (CS11) Rs.1090
CD4 Counts(Lymphocyte Subsets) Rs.22250
CDC Cytotoxicity Crossmatch - Quantitative Rs.16690
CEA Rs.4290
Ceruloplasmin Rs.2060
Cervical Swab C/S Rs.2010
Chem 12 Rs.5570
Chem 7 Rs.2730
Chloride Serum Rs.510
Chloride Urine Rs.670
Cholesterol Serum Rs.620
Cholinesterase Rs.3240
Chronic lymphoid Leukemia (CLL) Rs.18920
Clostridium difficile (Antigen & Toxin) Rs.3350
CMV DNA by PCR Quantitative Rs.17410
CMV IgG Rs.2230
CMV IgM Rs.2230
Cold Agglutinin (HS08) Rs.670
Complement Dependent Cellular Cytotoxity Xmat Rs.7510
Coomb's Test, Direct Rs.670
Coomb's Test, Indirect Rs.1180
Coomb's Test, Total Rs.1570
Copper Rs.1900
Cortisol Rs.2340
CPK (CK) Rs.1340
CPK-MB (CKMB) Rs.1790
Creatinine Clearance Urine Rs.1400
Creatinine Serum Rs.620
Creatinine Urine Rs.740
Cryptococcus Neoformans Antigen Rs.2340
Cryptosporidium/ Entamoeba/ Giardia Antigen Rs.6510
Crystal Examination Rs.1340
CSF C/S Rs.1740
CSF Fungus C/S Rs.1740
CSF Routine Analysis Rs.1400
Cyclosporine Rs.6120
D-Dimer (HC06) Rs.2060
Dengue Rapid NS1 Ag & Ab Combo Test Rs.1950
DHEA-SO4 Rs.3060
Diabetes package Rs.15380
Differential Leucocyte Count Rs.990
Digoxin Level (Lenoxin) Rs.1900
Dihydrorhodamine (DHR) Rs.5680
Diphtheria Toxoid IgG Rs.1670
Direct Bilirubin Rs.510
Discharge - Cytology Rs.1670
Drugs of Abuse Screenig Profile Rs.13810
Ear C/S Rs.1740
Echinococcus IgG SEROLOGY BY ELISA. Rs.2580
Effusion - Cytology Rs.3060
Electrolytes Rs.1570
ENA Profile (CE24) Rs.6960
Endomysium IgA Rs.2790
EOS Count Nasal Smear Rs.470
Eosinophil Count Rs.990
Erythropoietin Rs.10800
ESR Rs.510
Estradiol Rs.1950
Extended Auto immune Liver Profile Rs.4570
Extended LFTs Rs.3400
Extra Large Bx(Radical Procedures) Rs.10130
Eye C/S Rs.1740
F N A Cytology Rs.4120
Factor - VIII Rs.2730
Factor II & V Mutation Rs.17410
Fasting Chem 7 Rs.2900
Fat Globules Rs.510
Ferric Chloride Test Rs.670
Ferritin Rs.2060
Fibrinogen Level Rs.1670
Flow Cross Match Rs.20030
Flu A, Flu B & RSV By PCR (GeneXpert) Rs.9800
Fluids, other Routine Analysis Rs.1460
Folic Acid Rs.1850
Food Microbial Analysis Rs.1960
Food Specific Allergen IgE Rs.9800
Free T3 Rs.2130
Free T4 Rs.2130
Frozen Section Rs.8040
FSH Rs.1790
Fungus C/S Rs.1790
Fungus KOH Preparation Rs.560
G6PD Rs.2570
Gamma G.T. Rs.620
Gastrin Rs.5190
Gentamicin (Gentacin) Rs.2430
Globulin Rs.740
Glucose Challange Test Rs.670
Glucose Fasting Rs.460
Glucose P P 2 Hours Rs.460
Glucose Random Rs.460
Gram Stain Rs.560
Gross Only Rs.1120
Growth Hormone Rs.2290
GTT 2 hrs. 75 gm Glucose Rs.1570
GTT 3 hrs. 100 gm Glucose Rs.1670
H.Pylori Rs.6120
Hair Fungus C/S Rs.1740
Haptoglobin Rs.1890
HB Surface Antibody Rs.1740
HBA1C (HS16) Rs.2010
HBs Ag Rs.1460
HCT Rs.900
HDL Rs.670
Helicobacter Rs.3060
Hemoglobin Rs.900
Hepatitis A Virus Ab IgM Rs.2460
Hepatitis A Virus AB IgG Rs.2340
Hepatitis B Core IgM Rs.2460
Hepatitis B Virus DNA Quantitative Rs.15560
Hepatitis B Viurs by PCR Rs.6180
Hepatitis Be Antibody Rs.2460
Hepatitis Be Antigen Rs.2460
Hepatitis C Virus Ab (HCV) Rs.2790
Hepatitis C Virus by PCR. Rs.8500
Hepatitis C Virus RNA Quantitative Rs.18540
Hepatitis Delta Antibody Rs.4110
Hepatitis E Virus Ab (HEV) Rs.3090
Hepatitis E Virus IgG (HEV IgG) Rs.3410
HepatitisB Core Ab (HBc Ab) (Total) Rs.2130
HepatitisB Profile(HBsAg,HBCAb,HBSb Rs.5010
Her2Neu By Fish Rs.35720
Herpes Simplex Virus By PCR Rs.6750
HERPES-1/2 IgG Rs.2290
HERPES-1/2 IgM Rs.2460
High Vaginal Swab C/S Rs.2010
HIV (AIDS) Antibody Rs.2680
HLA Typing (Class I) Rs.20030
HLA Typing (Class II) Rs.11300
HLA-B27 Typing (BS-22) Rs.11130
Homocysteine (Fasting) Rs.2620
Human C1 Inactivator NL RID Rs.3960
Hypertension package Rs.14650
I.U.C.D C/S Rs.1740
I.U.D. C/S Rs.1600
IgA Rs.1180
IgE Rs.2290
IgG Rs.1180
IgG Anti Gangliosides Antibodies Rs.3900
IgM Rs.1180
Immuno Histo Chemistry Rs.8240
Immuno-fluorescence Rs.8460
Immunoflourescence 2 Ab Rs.5680
Immunofluorescence Skin Rs.7850
Immunoglobulins Rs.3010
Immunogloublin IGG Subclass Rs.10630
Immunohistochemistry (02 Antibodies) Rs.5400
Immunohistochemistry (Lymphoma Panel) Rs.9460
India Ink Preparation Rs.560
Infectious Mononucleosis (monospot) Rs.1290
Influenza A & Influenza B viruses Rs.2230
Inhalation Specific Allergen IgE Rs.9800
Insect Venom IgE Rs.4070
Insulin Rs.4290
Insulin-like growth Factor-1 (IGF-1) Rs.8460
Insulinoma-associated Antigen 2 (IA2) Rs.1670
Intact P T H (Parathormon) Rs.2900
Intrinsic Factor Ab IgG Rs.1670
Ionized Calcium Rs.790
Iron Serum Rs.980
Kidney Disease package Rs.7350
Lactic Acid Plasma Rs.2180
Large Biopsy Rs.7410
LD Bodies Smear Rs.620
LDH Rs.620
LDL Rs.670
Leukemia Basic Panel Rs.21140
Leukemia Comprehensive Panel Rs.22250
Leukemia Screening Panel Rs.15020
LFT Rs.2510
LH Rs.1670
Lipase Serum Rs.1460
LIPID Profile(HDL,LDL,Chlstrl,Trig) Rs.2230
Lithium Rs.1570
Liver Transplant Biopsy(1 Immuno Ab) Rs.4010
Luminex Class I AB Detection Rs.31270
Luminex Class II AB Detection Rs.33770
Luminex SAB Class 1(Single AG BEADS) Rs.55020
Luminex Screen For Anti HLA AB Rs.22250
Lumnex SAB Class II (Single AG Beads) Rs.44500
Lupus Anticogulant Rs.5460
Lymphoma/Hairy Cell Rs.18190
Magnesium Rs.1070
Malarial Parasite Rs.510
MCH Rs.830
MCHC Rs.900
MCV Rs.900
Meningitis Serology Test (LPA) Rs.4730
Methotrexate Rs.3240
MIC-Amphotericin B Rs.1600
MIC-Fluconazole Rs.1740
MIC-Voriconazole Rs.1600
Microflaria Rs.670
Microscopic Examination Rs.410
Minimal Residual Disease Rs.18920
Mixing Study Rs.3570
MSU C/S Rs.1740
MTB DNA by PCR (GenXpert) (MS44) Rs.7740
Mucopolysacchrides Rs.740
Myeloma / Plasma Cells Rs.18190
Nail Fungus C/S Rs.1740
Nasal Swab C/S Rs.1740
Nitro Blue Tetrazolium(NBT) reduction test Rs.1340
NMDA Receptor Ab IgG By Serum Rs.9790
NMDA Receptor Ab IgG CSF Rs.9790
Occult Blood Rs.510
Oligoclonal Bands Rs.6590
Pap Smear - Cytology Rs.2060
PCR for Donor Chimerism Rs.19930
Pericardial Fluid C & S Rs.1740
Pericardial Fluid, Routine Analysis Rs.1460
Peripheral Blood for Fanconi Anemia Rs.10020
Peripheral Blood For Karyotyping Rs.12240
Peripheral Film Rs.1120
Peripheral film and CBC Diff Profile Rs.1290
Peritonial Fluid C/S Rs.1740
Peritonial Fluid, Routine Analysis Rs.1460
Phenobarbitol Rs.2000
Phenytoin (Dilantin) Rs.1740
Phosphorous Serum Rs.730
Phosphorous Urine Rs.620
Platelet Count Rs.900
Pleural Fluid C/S Rs.1740
Pleural Fluid, Routine Analysis Rs.1460
Post Dialysis Profile Rs.740
Potassium (Urine) Rs.740
Potassium Serum Rs.510
Pre-dialysis Profile (New) Rs.3290
Pre-Op Screening Profile (HBsAg & Anti HCV) Rs.3400
Procalcitonin Rs.4180
Progesterone Rs.1850
Prograph (Tacrolimus) Rs.6790
Prolactin Rs.1790
Prostatic C/S Rs.1600
Protein C Rs.5460
Protein S (CE31) Rs.5460
PSA Rs.2960
PT ( Prothrombin Time) Rs.740
Pus C/S Rs.1740
Pus Swab C/S Rs.1740
Quality Control C/S Rs.2130
QuantiFERON-TB Gold Rs.7790
Rapid Malaria Test By ICT Method Rs.950
Rapid Plasma Reagin (RPR) Rs.1120
RBC Folate Rs.3240
RBC Indices (MCV,MCH,MCHC) Rs.900
RBC, Total Rs.900
Rectal Swab C/S Rs.1740
Renal Biopsy Rs.5260
Renal Stone Analysis Rs.2790
Renal Transplant Biopsy Profile Rs.11300
Renin Rs.4290
Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV) Rs.1670
Reticulocyte Count Rs.990
RF Quantitative Rs.1850
Rotavirus & Adenovirus in feces Rs.2060
Rubella IgG Rs.1900
Rubella IgM Rs.2340
S.Tricyclic Antidepressants(TCD) Rs.1740
Scraping - Cytology Rs.1670
Scraping C/S Rs.1740
Screening Profile Rs.2340
Screening Test for LAD Rs.11130
Semen Analysis Rs.2010
Semen C/S Rs.1740
Serum Cryoglobulin Rs.670
Serum Free Light Chain (Kappa + Lambda) Rs.7790
Serum Immunofixation Rs.10020
Serum Osmolality Rs.1460
Serum Protein Electrophoresis Rs.2230
SGOT ( AST ) Rs.560
SGPT ( ALT ) Rs.560
Sickle Test (Reduction Method) Rs.840
Skin C/S Rs.1740
Slide For Second Opinion Rs.8350
Slide/Block(Biopsy Embedded given to Patient) Rs.900
Small Biopsy Rs.4180
Sodium Serum Rs.510
Sodium Urine Rs.740
Soluble Liver Ag (SLA) Rs.1670
Spot Urine Amylase Rs.840
Spot Urine Calcium Rs.740
Spot Urine Chloride Rs.670
Spot Urine Creatinine Rs.740
Spot Urine Magnesium Rs.1120
Spot Urine Phosphorus Rs.740
Spot Urine Porphobilinogen Rs.1010
Spot Urine Potassium Rs.740
Spot Urine Protein Rs.750
Spot Urine Sodium Rs.740
Spot Urine Urea Nitrogen Rs.740
Spot Urine Uric Acid Rs.740
Sputum C/S Rs.1740
Sputum - Cytology Rs.1850
Sputum Fungus C/S Rs.1740
Stem Cells (CD 34) Count Rs.18920
Stool C/S Rs.1740
Stool Routine Examination Rs.510
Sugar Chromatography Rs.2600
Suspected Acute Leukemia Rs.31270
Synovial Fluid(Joint Fluid) R/E Rs.1460
T3 Rs.1400
T4 Rs.1570
Testosterone Rs.2060
Tetanus Toxoid IgG Rs.1670
Theophylline (Aminophylline) Rs.2270
Therapeutic Phlebotomy Rs.1010
Throat Fungus C/S Rs.1600
Throat Swab C/S Rs.1740
Thyroglobulin Rs.2600
Thyroid Antibodies Rs.2460
Thyroid Profile (TT3, FT4, TSH) Rs.3520
TIBC Rs.1420
Tissue C/S Rs.1740
Tissue FungusC/S Rs.1740
Tissue Typing HLA A-B DR Rs.25030
Tissue Typing Total HLA Rs.31270
Torch Profile Rs.7630
Total Bilirubin Rs.670
Total Protein Serum Rs.510
Toxo IgM Rs.1900
Toxo-G Rs.1790
Tracheal C/S Rs.1740
Triglycerides Serum Rs.620
Troponin-I Rs.1850
TSH Rs.1390
Type & Screen Rs.3680
U. Cannabinoid Rs.2230
U. Citric Acid Rs.2340
U. Opiates Rs.1900
U.ALA Rs.4700
U.Amphetamine Rs.1950
U.Barbiturates Rs.1740
U.Benzodiazepine Rs.1790
U.Cocaine Rs.1950
U.Meth.Dioxy Methamphetamine.(MDMA) Rs.2060
U.Methadone (MTD) Rs.2060
U.Methamphetamine (MET) Rs.1790
U.Morphine (MOP) Rs.2040
U.Phencyclidine (PCP) Rs.1740
Urea/UUN Urine Rs.750
Uretheral C/S Rs.1740
Uric Acid Serum Rs.570
Uric Acid Urine Rs.620
Urine - Cytology Rs.1900
Urine - Metabolic Screening Rs.2790
Urine Aldosterone Rs.5510
Urine C/S Rs.1740
Urine Copper Rs.2760
Urine Dipstick Only Rs.400
Urine Immunoelectrophoresis Rs.11130
Urine Immunofixation Rs.10020
Urine Micro Albumin Rs.1620
Urine Osmolality Rs.1460
Urine pH Rs.410
Urine Pregnancy Test ( hCG ) Rs.790
Urine Protein - 24 hrs Rs.790
Urine Protein Electrophoresis Rs.3570
Urine R/E Rs.420
Urine Reducing Substances Rs.400
Urine Schistosoma egg Rs.560
Valproic Acid (Epilim) Rs.1790
Vanillyl Mandelic Acid (VMA) Rs.2960
Venous Blood Gases Rs.1620
Vitamin B 12 Rs.2180
Washing and Brushing - Cytology Rs.1950
Water Microbial Analysis Rs.2180
WBC, Total Rs.900
Wound/ Abscess C/S Rs.1740